Renting out taxis for sightseeing tours is a common sight in major cities all around Scotland most especially in Aberdeen. A lot of Aberdeen cab companies provide custom driving services to tourists.

The services include unique sightseeing tours where your taxi driver can also act as the guide. As such, using Aberdeen cabs for sightseeing is the perfect choice for those who want to explore the city. It’s time-efficient and there’s no hassle of carrying around luggage.

Hiring Aberdeen Cab for Custom Sightseeing Trips

The drivers of your rented Aberdeen cab for your sightseeing tour can take you to interesting sightseeing spots around the city and provide information and trivia about said spots. The route, time, and duration are left entirely up to you, so you can customize your sightseeing experience to whatever fits your pace and interest. On top of that, your driver has a huge deal of knowledge about the metropolis, including current trends and upcoming events that will help you enjoy on your Scotland vacation.

How to Reserve Aberdeen Cabs for Sightseeing

There are different Aberdeen cab companies offering the service to tourists but one stellar company you can trust is the AT Taxis. And there are several ways you can book your Aberdeen cab for sightseeing tours.

The common means of reservation is to call in advance to check the availability on your desired time and date as well as the locations you want to visit. You should also declare the duration of your tour. You can also book via the website and mobile app which are also as convenient and quick as calling to hotlines.

Different Types of Aberdeen Cab You Can Book

Depending on the number of people going and the purpose of the tour, the size of the Aberdeen cab you can book also varies. There is the bigger unit that can seat up to 8 people. Then there are the smaller car units good for four people. Since every company owns different kind of cars, make sure to check which types are available at the time of reservation.

A Typical Sightseeing Tour

The meeting place with your booked Aberdeen cab is usually at a convenient and easy to find place. It can be your lodging, at airports, train stations or anywhere that is convenient for you. Sometimes, the driver also prepares a sign with a name written on it, either held by them or displayed in the front window of the taxi.

Before beginning the tour, do make sure to confirm the schedule for the day and stops for lunch and dinner breaks, and so on. As soon as the taxi departs, the sightseeing tour officially starts. The sights seen from the window are then explained by the taxi driver, showcasing spots unique to the area and providing interesting facts and trivia about them.

When the tour is over, you will be dropped off at a place that has been agreed on beforehand, such as your hotel or a train station.

Taxi Tour Pricing

Taxi fares in Aberdeen are regulated by the city council. Should you book the cab for custom sightseeing trips, you can ask for a quote from you chosen Aberdeen cab company as rates will vary depending on how long you are renting the cab and how far your destinations will be.

Besides the basic tour fees, the guest is also responsible for paying any additional fees, such as entry to facilities, road toll, parking fees, and so on. The payment method also varies depending on the company so, confirm at the time of booking whether the tour needs to be paid before or after the tour, and if the company only accepts cash or also credit cards and other means of payment.

Aberdeen Cabs as Part of Your Trip

The most basic way to make use of the Aberdeen cab services of AT Taxis is to explore the city leisurely, visiting landmarks, places of interest, and shopping hot spots. There are model tours you can book easily, and you can also customize your trips. Add spots that you would like to visit and drop those you might already know or have no interest in. Even when you take a break to enjoy a meal, your driver will be waiting for you in the taxi.

Aberdeen Cabs as Drive to and from the Airport

Of course, Aberdeen cabs aren’t just recommended to fill an entire day but also for traveling from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. Why not make the trip both fun and educational by hiring an Aberdeen cab driver to show you interesting sightseeing and shopping spots on the way?

Another benefit of using the service is that you can easily store both your suitcases and your shopping haul in the trunk of the car, letting you sight-see and shop hands-free.

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