There’s something so lovable about Scotland and you know what that is? It’s the serene blue seas that wrap almost all the nicest spots to visit. Any travel aficionado surely won’t be able to resist their charm and one we can recommend for you to visit is the coastal town of Stonehaven.

Set near the Aberdeen City, just a short drive along the A90, this picturesque harbor town has a plethora of shops and restaurants, places of interests, and the most incredible views. So here, we’ll share with you some of the best places to stop by when you go to Stonehaven in your next Scotland.

1. Dunnottar Castle

Stonehaven is probably most popular to tourists because of its magnificent Dunnottar Castle. And not only is this a jewel in Stonehaven’s crown but Dunnottar Castle is definitely one of the top places to visit in the north-east.

Nestled high up on the cliffs, the castle is a great place to enjoy the views, take a walk or learn about the fascinating story of this historic castle.

It’s currently open from 10am – 5pm or half an hour before sunset, whichever is sooner and there are Aberdeen taxi companies who offer day tour service to the Dunnottar, but don’t you think it’ll be a waste not to spend another day to explore other places in the town?

2. Stonehaven Land Train

A trip to this coastal town isn’t complete without a visit at the Stonehaven Land Train. “The Stoney Express” runs seasonally and takes you on a journey to see the area’s most famous attractions. If you’re lucky to catch it, then it will be a wonderful and unique experience for your Scotland vacation.

3. The Ship Inn

This historical and award-winning hotel was built in 1771 and is one of the oldest in the Stonehaven area. It features 11 comfortable and well equipped en-suite bedrooms.

The Captain’s Table restaurant within The Ship Inn also boasts wonderful views of the harbor which can be enjoyed both inside and on the outside terrace. Furthermore, it is known for serving the freshest fish and seafood caught locally but also takes great pride in providing a wide variety of cuisine using the best and freshest locally sourced produce.

4. The Tolbooth Restaurant

The Tolbooth Seafood restaurant is another food hub to visit. It is situated in Stonehaven’s oldest building overlooking the picturesque harbour.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, there is a large choice of mouth-watering seafood dishes but they also incorporate into their menus other dishes that highlight the very best of local beef and other regional produce available. The modern contemporary dishes are made with freshest and finest local produce and light aromatic sauces and dressings which compliment, not mask the flavor of the food.

5. Dunnottar Woods

If you are some pet lover, this experience is good for you. Dog walkers, families, and walkers alike will love this natural playground. Offering a myriad paths and routes, it offers something different every time you visit. You can try out the history trail or create your own route through this magnificent woodland.

6. Leslies of Stonehaven

As well as a lovely day out, Stonehaven can also offer you a unique choice of independent shops. Whether it’s for gifts, food treats or something for your home, this Aberdeenshire town is sure to have

what you are after.

For those looking to add a special touch to your home, why not head along to Leslies of Stonehaven one of the oldest shops in the town, and find floor coverings, curtains and blinds.

7. Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool

Looking for a unique experience in Scotland? The Stonehaven open air swimming pool in the north-east is the perfect place to visit. And it’s hugely popular. Here, you can have midnight swims, slides and can be a great way to tire out the kids. If you are coming during the summer, this should be the place to consider.

8. Charles McHardy Butchers

Charles McHardy Butchers is an award-winning business having been in the town for more than 100 years. It offers local, high quality produce and you can get all your weekly favorites as well as some special treats including pork chops stuffed with apple sauce here.

Their staffs are friendly and always on hand to help you find what you are looking for. They even recommend something different for those special occasions.

9. Stonehaven beach and harbor

A trip to Stonehaven isn’t complete without a walk along the beach and ending at the harbor. It’s a picture-perfect setting to stretch your legs and take in all the stunning views of the sea. And in December, the harbor is a hive of activity for the annual fire balls – a sight that is definitely worth seeing.

There’s much more to see in Stonehaven so when you are in the Aberdeenshire, don’t forget coming to this town.


Ways to Get to Stonehaven

There are several modes of transportation from Aberdeen to Stonehaven. The town is 14 miles away from Union Square and the quickest way going to Stonehaven is taking the train which costs £3 £45/head and takes 18 min.

Driving is a lot cheaper, buying only petrol but if you are a tourist, you will need to rent a car too. Driving will take 20 minutes or so.

The best option for going to Stonehaven is by getting an Aberdeen taxi hire from a trusted company like the Aberdeen Taxis. Driving four persons in Aberdeen Taxis’ will only cost £30 and a minibus, which can move 8 people, should only cost £42. Getting a taxi hire will save you from the hassles of self-driving and offers the benefit of a more private travel. So, to enjoy your trip to Stonehaven, be sure to prebook your taxi hire with Aberdeen Taxis.

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