Getting around the city and nearby towns in Aberdeen is quite simple. Our region offers several ways to transport tourists like renting a car or catching a bus, but I tell you, nothing beats the comfort that a taxi service brings.

Actually, taxi service is pretty popular in the whole of Scotland. You can simply book you ride through mobile apps and there’s nothing more to worry about. From your arrival at the airport to finding your hotel, you don’t even have to flex a muscle as your designated driver will do almost everything for you. That’s how we treat guests coming to Aberdeen.

Through the years that we’ve been serving the locals and visitors to Aberdeen. Thousands of people have returned to use our services, some with the same companies and others came back with a different group, but they have always chosen to book with us. And it’s such a special feeling for us to know they picked us above other taxi services in the city.

Between Aberdeen Taxis and Inverness Taxis (our sister company), we move around 65,000 people every week!

How do we manage to maintain this rate?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know very well that to gain loyal customers, we should satisfy them first. And to do so, we make sure that we have drivers and vehicles ready to cater to:

  • Luxury customers
  • Urban customers
  • Trendy and tech-savvy customers

These three types of customers have different preferences on traveling, so we trained our divers to be flexible to deliver the services that each type of customer requires.

Generally, we offer them:

  • High professionalism
  • Value
  • Utmost Convenience
  • Quality cars

More specifically, we win customers by:

  1. Hiring the Right Drivers

Our drivers are the most important part of our taxi business. We become critical when hiring drivers as they will determine the quality of our taxi service. They are also our number tool to gain customer loyalty.

It’s essential to hire experienced and skilled drivers who are well versed with city routes, as well as rules and regulations that they need to comply with.

In addition to possessing solid driving skills, a strong work ethic, affability, and professionalism of the driver will also determine the quality of your taxi service.

  1. Be up-to-date on Popular Recreational Spots

We make sure that we are aware of all the popular destinations, as well as the newly discovered spots in our district.

People hire taxi services for two reasons: professional or recreational purposes.

Most customers traveling to their offices or work destination will expect the driver to know the desired location. Also people who hire a taxi for recreational purposes will expect the taxi driver to be familiar with all the renowned locations. If your driver asks them about directions on both these counts, it will create a negative impression on your customers.

Knowing directions is an important task. Tourists rely on taxi services because they don’t want to get lost and waste time looking for the right directions. So we always orient our drivers on how to get from one spot to the other and help arrange a well-planned itinerary so the travelers won’t miss a spot.

  1. Think Like a Customer

A key element to improving a taxi service is to always think from the customer’s’ point of view. Customers’ psyche is quite simple to understand. If they like your services, they will continue to use them. So, it is important that you try to understand the expectations and pain points of your customers.

In order to improve your taxi service and gain a larger customer base, associate yourself with public places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even airports. Partner with them so they can offer your customers with VIP treatment.

  1. Make Use of Technology

There has never been a better time to operate a taxi business efficiently, thanks to the wide range of available cost-effective technologies.

The combination of taxi apps, smartphone devices, and strong wireless networks means that even the smallest fleet can achieve the same efficiencies and conveniences for its customers.

Another effective way to improve the quality of a taxi service is by offering a taxi booking app to customers. Most travelers today prefer to book a taxi using an app, rather than making a phone call, as it is simply more convenient – easy, fast, and affordable.

The taxi app should easy to understand and easy to use for your customers. Make sure that app-booked calls are completely automated, ensuring that the closest vehicle is quickly dispatched to minimize waiting time.

Include job progress in the app to where the customer can track the location of their designated driver. This will let them know how much more time they should wait before their ride arrives.

To promote safety, the taxi app should also show the details of both the assigned driver and vehicle so that the rider knows what to expect upon arrival.

Finally, try to provide customers with different types of payment methods to make riding with your taxi service convenient for your customers.

A primary goal of any taxi fleet should be to reduce the ratio of inbound calls versus automated bookings. For the vast majority of taxi fleets, less than 5% of bookings bypass their call center.

Final Words

Gaining customer loyalty isn’t that difficult. You just have to check that you are providing everything they need.

Here at Aberdeen Taxis, our team commit themselves to deliver optimum services to make anyone’s journey slick efficient and friendly.

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