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We created our taxi to help you to find the most dependable and highest quality taxi services, anytime and anywhere. All our drivers are uniformed and fully licensed.

The benefits of having Taxi travel in the time of Covid

The current Scottish government’s advice is that we should all stay at home if we can, but for those venturing out for food, work, or need to get to essential appointments, the advice is to travel to your destination as safely and responsibly as possible.
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At Aberdeen Taxi we offer more than a reliable service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are understandably proud of our drivers who are qualified to know their way around Aberdeen and have been issued with a license and unique traceable ID badge from Aberdeen City Council. To increase passenger safety they are all registered under the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme. This provides peace of mind that they are trained to meet high standards of quality in their service and are fully accountable for your safety. To add to our value and commitment in delivering a first class service we also have been accredited with WORLDHOST status. We are one of two taxi companies holding this status, our sister company Inverness Taxis is the other.
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Aberdeen Taxis Partner with Premier Inn

Aberdeen Taxis have teamed up with Premier Inn hotels to provide car services from their hotels in Aberdeen! That means if you are visiting or staying at a Premier Inn in the city and need a local taxi, you can just pick up one of our freephone telephones and Aberdeen Taxis will pick you up and get you to your…

Safe Payment

Aberdeen Taxi Fares Explained

Aberdeen has a range of taxi companies and private hire car services that operate in the city and further afield in Aberdeenshire. During the pandemic, taxi travel has become the safest form of transport for those who don’t own their own vehicle. Taxi travel in Aberdeen is an effective way of traversing the city and its outskirts, and many companies…


Parcel Delivery from Aberdeen with Tx Parcels

Deliveries have never been so important as they are now. Items we normally would drop-off or collect ourselves are now being entrusted to global companies that to move them across our towns, cities, and the nation, along with thousands of other items. Tx Parcels is the local delivery service with a national reach that you can trust to deliver or…

Book a Taxi

Top 5 Reasons to Book a Taxi to Aberdeen Airport

Air travel is back on the cards and whether you’re travelling to a far-flung destination for a bit of rest and recuperation, visiting family or travelling for work across the country, getting to and from the airport can be a complicated part of your journey. This is especially true now with increased traffic and roadworks in Aberdeen, increasing journey times…

Aberdeen Taxi Numbers

Aberdeen Taxi Numbers

If you are new to Aberdeen and reach for your phone and do a search for Aberdeen taxi numbers, you will come up with a few options. Here are a few that we would like to recommend and use ourselves from time to time. Of course, we need to put our own company to the top or we would not…


Aberdeen Taxi Companies

If you are visiting Aberdeen for the first time and googled Aberdeen taxi companies, you will come up with a few options. The first thing that you will come across is that there are no mini cab companies in Aberdeen. There is no Uber Aberdeen and you will not find a car that is not fitted with a meter that…

Holidays in Aberdeen

Holidays in Scotland During Coronavirus

‘Staycationing’ is the new compound word that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue this summer. Holidays near you might be the only way for us to ‘getaway’ this year it looks like, and although some may meet this ‘new normal’ with a sullen Ingmar Bergman sadness, we are really very lucky to live in one of the most admired destinations…

Scotland Lockdown

Scotland Lockdown Phase 2 and What It Means for Us

The news from Nichola Sturgeon on Thursday was one of celebration and a wee bit o’ disappointment. Scots can rejoice that we’ll now be able to meet up in larger groups, visit the dentist, go to worship, get married, and shop for non-essentials all by the end of June. But disappointment is the dish of the day chewed on by…

Marischal College view in the evening in Aberdeen Scotland

20 Aberdeen Places We Can’t Wait to Visit Again

Lockdown has been hard on us all but once things settle in their ‘new normal’, it’ll still be unlikely that any of us will be able to go very far afield from our homes for some time. In the spirit of that, we have put together a list of the places to see and things to do in the local…

Waiting for Taxi

The benefits of having Taxi travel in the time of Covid

The current Scottish government’s advice is that we should all stay at home if we can, but for those venturing out for food, work, or need to get to essential appointments, the advice is to travel to your destination as safely and responsibly as possible. If you have your own vehicle or you can get to your destination by bicycle…

Young businessman with protective mask

COVID-19 Prevention Advice for Aberdeen Taxis Users

For Aberdeen Taxis, the well being of our passengers, drivers and employees is number one priority. We continue to offer a full service to all passengers and customers for your essential travel needs and delivery services during this period. In line with UK Government advice, we have a clear set of guidelines around managing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and…

Aberdeen Taxis News Advisory

Dear Customer, At Aberdeen Taxis, our highest priority is everyone’s safety including all customers, drivers and other members of staff. At the same time, we believe in and recognize the power of travel. Despite all challenges imposed by coronavirus (COVID-19), now declared a global pandemic, many of us will still have to continue to attend medical appointments, provide support other…

4 Things the World Should Take After Aberdeen Taxis Service Drivers

The world knows Scottish people as professionals, well-mannered, and humble. Although faced with many flaws, as all nations do, Scotland, most especially its big cities like Aberdeen and Inverness is among the most visited countries in the UK, only proving that it’s among the top countries that set the bar high in terms of attitude. Hence, it shouldn’t be a…


What’s on Aberdeen – March

Just when you feel that you’re starting to get the hang of the year, you realise that its already March and all you’ve managed to do so far is put the Christmas tree to bed and make a Valentine’s day card out of macaroni and your partner’s crushing disappointment. But never fear, March is here to spring you back into…


Tips on Using Aberdeen Cabs for Sightseeing Trips

Renting out taxis for sightseeing tours is a common sight in major cities all around Scotland most especially in Aberdeen. A lot of Aberdeen cab companies provide custom driving services to tourists. The services include unique sightseeing tours where your taxi driver can also act as the guide. As such, using Aberdeen cabs for sightseeing is the perfect choice for…


5 Reasons to Go on a Montrose Side trip in Scotland

The northern-most coastal town in Angus is the Royal Burgh of Montrose – a proud little town whose pinky-grey buildings radiate history and tell of a time when this was the prosperous home of merchants, sea captains and wealthy landowners. The town’s natural harbor has for centuries been the focal point of Montrose. The Old Pretender having sailed from here…

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day in Aberdeen

Well, it’s that time of year again when romance gets pulled out from behind the telly and love is renewed, rekindled and reborn. To help you ensure that your plans don’t feel recycled, we’ve pulled together some ideas of what you could do to help your night feel just right. Whether you’re celebrating as part of a couple, looking for…

February 2020

February Events in Aberdeen

Finally, February is here and the longest yard that is January is well behind us now. The city wakes from its extended post-festive slumber and now we can poke our wee heads out of the blanket and have a good swatch at what good stuff there is to do outside our collective duvet. So, if you fancy braving the weird…

Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.

Stonehaven Scotland Tour – 9 Things to See and How to Get There

There’s something so lovable about Scotland and you know what that is? It’s the serene blue seas that wrap almost all the nicest spots to visit. Any travel aficionado surely won’t be able to resist their charm and one we can recommend for you to visit is the coastal town of Stonehaven. Set near the Aberdeen City, just a short…


Peterhead Scotland Tour – How to Get There and What to Do

Peterhead is the easternmost town in mainland Scotland and is located 32 miles north of Aberdeen and overlooking the North Sea. Going to Peterhead can be via bus, a taxi service from Aberdeen, or self-drive. The town is greatly influenced by its maritime location, making fishing and servicing the offshore oil industry as its main industries. Locals in Peterhead are…

Travel Abroad

7 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience but knowing how to handle your finances when you’re over there is important for a smooth trip. Here are 6 tips for traveling abroad. Are you planning an international trip? To Aberdeen, Scotland perhaps? You might think it’ll be easy to pay for everything with your credit or debit card—after all, we live in…

Golf Transfer

Customize Your Golf Party Transport with Aberdeen Taxis

So many tourist come to Scotland for two reasons – one is to embark on a whisky tour and the second is to go on a golf holidays. Both are features original to the country. In Scotland we have tons of distilleries and golf clubs and links that tourists must see. All of them are world class and visiting some…

Hogmanay In Aberdeen

Hogmanay In Aberdeen Is Something to be Seen

We are a mere whiff away from 2020 and with the dust now settling on the Christmas pudding, we all turn our attention to the complicated problem of where to spend to the last few hours of our 2019 and the first moments of the much-anticipated newest of years, 2020. Every year is the same – as soon as Boxing…

Santa Taxi

Aberdeen Taxi Hire vs Self Driving for a Holiday Road trip

Booking an Aberdeen Taxi or self-driving when you go on a road trip this holiday is a personal preference. Some people like to be in control of the “wheels” so they can go where they want, when they want and travel however they want the experience to be. So if you want to do something better than just eating this…

Happy Christmas

8 Aberdeen Taxi Safety Tips for the Upcoming Christmas

Who’s taking you home after attending a late-night Christmas party or last-minute Christmas shopping? The Christmas season has come again and many of you probably have a couple of events to attend. Most of the time, these get-togethers would run until late midnight or even at dawn. Bringing cars during these events can be a hassle, though. It’s hard to…

Aberdeen Christmas

5+ Reasons to Spend Your Christmas in Aberdeen Scotland

Experience the best of what Aberdeen can offer for the winter season and let your Aberdeen Taxis driver be your guide to the ultimate fun of a Scotland holiday trip. Home alone at Christmas has been long obsolete because the trend today is to experience the magic the way they do it in other countries. For most of our lives,…

River Dee

7 Reasons to Start Your Angling Hobby – Fishing in River Dee Aberdeen

The city of Aberdeen, Scotland is blessed with bewitching beauty and unique atmosphere. It is famous for a lot of things and attracts tourists by the numbers. From one of the oldest racecourse centres in the world to magnificent city walls, to magnificent cathedrals, marine centre, plus the must-experience River Dee, Aberdeen City has it all. While tourists usually choose…


Aberdeen City to Airport and VV: Taxi Fares, Booking, Hailing

Taxis are a great way to get somewhere fast. This is especially when you’re not sure how to get to a place or when you are visiting a city for the first time. The Aberdeen Airport is among the top 3 busiest airports in Scotland so expect real heavy traffic here. Over 3 million passengers use the airport as their…

Peterhead Prison Museum – Dawn of Aberdeen’s Dark Tourism

If you are visiting Scotland, a trip to Aberdeen should not be overlooked. While most people consider it  a dull city because of its grey colour due to its granite structures, Aberdeen is, in actual fact, packed full of fascinating things to see. And one of the many things to do in Aberdeen includes going to Peterhead Prison Museum. It might not be the number…

Invaluable Tips on Gaining Taxi Service Customer Loyalty

Getting around the city and nearby towns in Aberdeen is quite simple. Our region offers several ways to transport tourists like renting a car or catching a bus, but I tell you, nothing beats the comfort that a taxi service brings. Actually, taxi service is pretty popular in the whole of Scotland. You can simply book you ride through mobile…

Golf courses in Aberdeenshire; North-east Scotland

The northeastern parts of Scotland often represent the typical famous Scottish characteristics. Endowed with an abundance of serene environments, historical castles, whisky trails and best of all, an amazing collection of golf courses, the northeast of Scotland is truly a magnificent place to be for all golfers, regardless of skill. If you are planning a weekend getaway full of quality…

Best Full Day Dunnottar Castle Tour Itinerary

There’s more than just walking down memory lane! One day will never really be enough to explore all the wonderful things in and near Aberdeen. With medieval castles keeping watch from the outskirts and the center boasting an eclectic social scene, there’s always something to discover in the Granite City. But in a Scotland vacation, there’s nothing more interesting than…

Invaluable Tips on Gaining Taxi Service Customer Loyalty

Getting around the city and nearby towns in Aberdeen is quite simple. Our region offers several ways to transport tourists like renting a car or catching a bus, but I tell you, nothing beats the comfort that a taxi service brings. Actually, taxi service is pretty popular in the whole of Scotland. You can simply book you ride through mobile…

10+ Things To Do in Aberdeen for First Time Scotland Vacationers

Feel like a royal when you visit the Granite City of Scotland. Famous for its copious grey, magnanimous, granite architectural pieces, Aberdeen has a lot of structures that will leave you in awe. Aberdeen has a lot of nicknames and you will find out why in a while. It is the country’s largest city so expect to see hundreds of…

When And How To Tip a Taxi Driver.

Different cultures have different expectations when it comes to tipping for services offered to travelers. But here’s a general practice you can observe while traveling to different places – Give at least 10-20% of your total bill as tip if you think the service was great enough and your provider deserves it. Traveling to Scotland isn’t any different. You will…

Uber Aberdeen

We do not have Uber Aberdeen but here are three reasons to use Aberdeen Taxis Often you would see a lot of people struggling to find a public transport to reach their destinations, but in recent times, especially with the technological boom around the world, some online taxi booking apps have come around naming the biggest one – Uber. There…

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