Holidays in Scotland During Coronavirus

Holidays in Aberdeen

‘Staycationing’ is the new compound word that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue this summer. Holidays near you might be the only way for us to ‘getaway’ this year it looks like, and although some may meet this ‘new normal’ with a sullen Ingmar Bergman sadness, we are really very lucky to live in one of the most admired destinations…

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What’s on Aberdeen – March


Just when you feel that you’re starting to get the hang of the year, you realise that its already March and all you’ve managed to do so far is put the Christmas tree to bed and make a Valentine’s day card out of macaroni and your partner’s crushing disappointment. But never fear, March is here to spring you back into…

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5 Reasons to Go on a Montrose Side trip in Scotland


The northern-most coastal town in Angus is the Royal Burgh of Montrose – a proud little town whose pinky-grey buildings radiate history and tell of a time when this was the prosperous home of merchants, sea captains and wealthy landowners. The town’s natural harbor has for centuries been the focal point of Montrose. The Old Pretender having sailed from here…

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Valentine’s Day in Aberdeen

Valentine's Day

Well, it’s that time of year again when romance gets pulled out from behind the telly and love is renewed, rekindled and reborn. To help you ensure that your plans don’t feel recycled, we’ve pulled together some ideas of what you could do to help your night feel just right. Whether you’re celebrating as part of a couple, looking for…

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February Events in Aberdeen

February 2020

Finally, February is here and the longest yard that is January is well behind us now. The city wakes from its extended post-festive slumber and now we can poke our wee heads out of the blanket and have a good swatch at what good stuff there is to do outside our collective duvet. So, if you fancy braving the weird…

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7 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling Abroad

Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience but knowing how to handle your finances when you’re over there is important for a smooth trip. Here are 6 tips for traveling abroad. Are you planning an international trip? To Aberdeen, Scotland perhaps? You might think it’ll be easy to pay for everything with your credit or debit card—after all, we live in…

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