There’s more than just walking down memory lane!

One day will never really be enough to explore all the wonderful things in and near Aberdeen. With medieval castles keeping watch from the outskirts and the center boasting an eclectic social scene, there’s always something to discover in the Granite City.

But in a Scotland vacation, there’s nothing more interesting than an out-of-the-city road trip. And today, let’s bring you to a place where you can live out your fairytale at one of the breathtaking castles in Scotland – the Dunnottar Castle.

Don’t worry that you might waste one full day of your vacation with just the Dunnottar Castle in your itinerary. At Aberdeen Taxis, we’ll take you to more stopovers to make this 30-minute roadtrip off the Oil Capital really worth it!

First stop in this tour? Let’s not make you wait; let’s head you straight to the world renowned Dunnottar Castle!

  1. DunnottarThe Dunnottar Castle Tour 9am-11:30am

All roads out of Aberdeen lead to rolling countryside and, chances are, you’ll cross paths with one of the county’s impressive castles. One of the most popular one is the Dunnottar Castle located at the seaside town of Stonehaven to explore Dunnottar Castle.

This iconic castle sits on a rocky outcrop glaring out to the North Sea. Many tourists come to the castle with great photo ops, most especially that it was the backdrop the film “Hamlet” starring Mel Gibson and the animated Disney film titled “Brave.” Indeed, Dunnottar Castle is an impregnable fortress that witnessed many dramas over the centuries.

Tip: When touring the castle, you might want to use some sensible footwear since there’s a 10minute walk to the castle along a rough path.

Next stop?

How about a unique sorbet experience!

  1. Deli Lunch 11:30am-12:30pm


Early lunch is what you need after touring the Dunnottar Castle. Deli Lunch is a sandwich bar you might want to visit.

Deli Lunch is just 2 kms away from the Castle.  It has been nominated as one of the best businesses in Aberdeen so you’re sure you’ll get some real DELIsh treats here.

If you are up for pasta and pizzas, Gregg’s is just around the corner too.

  1. Giulianotti E 12:30pm-1:00pm


Just a minute drive from Deli Lunch is the best ice cream bar in Stonehaven.

This ice cream parlor will remind you of your childish dream of creating your own ice cream flavor.

All the flavors are unquestionably formidable! The ice creams are home-made and full of flavor. The cups are generous and the choices of toppings and sprinkles are astonishing. And don’t worry about destroying your diet, because your next stop will be a fun and play time where you can burn all those calories from the delightful Scottish sorbet.

  1. Husky Haven 1:00pm-3:30pm

Just 8 minutes’ drive from Giulianotti E is the Husky Haven.

You no longer have to travel to Alaska to experience the thrills of husky sled dog trekking.  Compose your own team of 3-5 Huskies and choose your equipment for the trail..

This experience will last around 2 hours so it’ll be a perfect way to burn all those calories from the delightful Scottish lunch and dessert.

  1. Shopping, Coffee, Dinner 3:30-5:00-6:30

Time for shopping!

My Beautiful Caravan is a very interesting shop with lots of unusual handmade items. It can be the best place to hunt for a present or something to display in your home.

Another shop to visit in the same street is A Wee Bawbee where you can score some “Scotland t-shirts” to bring home for your friends.

After shopping, you can have a few minutes to grab some coffee if you want to or grab an early dinner at the Number 44 Hotel & Bar which is just across the street.

  1. Stonehaven and the Northern Lights

Stonehaven is one of the prime locations to witness the popular northern lights.

Although it is quite hard to tell when the Aurora will be spotted, the Aurora Watch UK announces when it’s most likely to be seen.

It is such a unique experience seen only in selected countries, mostly in Europe.

And if you’re unlucky, you can just enjoy a cold and freshly brewed Scotland beer at the Marine Hotel. Besides, nothing ends the day better than a little booze.

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