Booking an Aberdeen Taxi or self-driving when you go on a road trip this holiday is a personal preference. Some people like to be in control of the “wheels” so they can go where they want, when they want and travel however they want the experience to be. So if you want to do something better than just eating this holiday season by going on a road adventure, then consider all the benefits you’ll have from going the Aberdeen taxi hire route rather than self-driving.

Roadtripping with Aberdeen Taxis These Holidays

Taxi rental companies like Aberdeen Taxis are a good option. We traditionally offer airport transfers, but we have services, too, available for custom tours.

There are so many things you can benefit from renting taxis for custom tours rather than self-driving. And here is a rundown of all the things you can enjoy by doing so:

1. Bypass the Hassles of Car Servicing

Before every trip, it is a common practice for car owners to have their cars checked at an auto shop to see to it that they are on a top condition for a long road trip. It is a good thing to share with the mechanic, too, about how many miles you are planning to travel and how many you are that will go on a trip. Check on the brake and all fluids, especially.

But when you hire taxis in Aberdeen, you won’t have to go through all the troubles of having your car checked. This saves time amid the hectic holiday schedule and it gives you more time to spend you’re your family and friends too.

2. Save Your Private Car From Wear and Tear 

You can indeed customize your trip according to your wishes and discover the whole Aberdeen and nearby towns when you bring your car for a road trip, but if you are traveling 500-1000 miles, you might just be putting your car to trouble.

Long trips using your car may be very convenient but this also puts your car to more wear and tear. Consequently, your car will be with lesser resale value. This is avoidable when you rent a cab from providers like Aberdeen Taxis.

3. Save Time and Optimize Travel Experience

Hiring a taxi service when you go on a road trip can save you time, as we already mentioned earlier. Not only will it save you time from having your car checked by a mechanic for a tune-up service, but it will also save you time figuring out directions to your destination.

This also helps you catch up with rest so when you arrive at your destination, you have all the energy to explore the place and enjoy.

4. Choose a Car Right for You Group

Not all of us have vans. We usually buy 5-seaters or SUVs because of parking space. But when you need to go on a trip with a large group, but don’t own a van, then hiring taxi services will be your best option.

Aberdeen Taxis are like car rentals. You’ll have various taxi units you can choose from. You can even have a 16-seater minibus to accommodate everyone. If you like a compact car because there’s just 2 of you, then you have options too. From hatchbacks to sedans, and SUVs, almost anything you need can be found with a taxi service provider and this is something that most people don’t know.

5. Get a Driver Who Doubles Up as a Guide

Like we always mention, Aberdeen Taxis have reliable drivers who are locals of the city. They are trained to be polite and helpful with everything that their customers need. But more than the pleasant ride, they also double as tour guides without extra charge. This helps you get to the best destinations and witness the most interesting festivals that you may never learn from the internet no matter how much you research.

Furthermore, they know the city road rules more than you do so you can relax and rest assured that there will see no problems in cruising around the roads of Aberdeen City.

6. Great Convenience

Going to destinations, most especially this holiday when there are too many people going on a holiday tour and road trip, is always stressful. But with Aberdeen taxis for hire, you can use the travel time to relax instead or read a map or book as you travel, or nap to your favorite playlist. You can just let your taxi driver do all the work as he takes you far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

While it’s very amusing to experience all the city lights and festivities in the city, the crowd can spoil your vacation. Most of the time, it is better to unwind on the outskirts of Aberdeen to enjoy your vacation with your friends or your family. And that’s not all. Booking a taxi hire to transport you all where you want to go gives you more time to just bond with your company and make memories to your dream destinations.

7. And Above All, Safety

Is it your first time to be in Aberdeen for a holiday trip? If it is, then it is safer to hire an Aberdeen taxi service. Not only do they know the rules on the road but they are also fully trained and hold the right license for Aberdeen City driving.


Going on a road trip is most pleasurable these holidays when a break from work is longer and you have more budget. But it can be more memorable when you spend it enjoying and that can only be possible when you have nothing to worry about like parking, traffic, or directions.

Make your holidays and road trip merrier by booking with Aberdeen Taxis. We can take you anywhere in the city or outside of it, wherever you wish to travel. Aberdeen Taxis also has several units that can accommodate any group size – from 2 to 16.

Prebook your Aberdeen Taxis for the best holiday road trip you’ll ever have before you miss a slot. 

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