Aberdeen has a range of taxi companies and private hire car services that operate in the city and further afield in Aberdeenshire. During the pandemic, taxi travel has become the safest form of transport for those who don’t own their own vehicle.

Taxi travel in Aberdeen is an effective way of traversing the city and its outskirts, and many companies can get you from A to B. You may be excused for thinking that these numerous companies may charge different amounts for getting you around the city, but it is actually rather a uniform affair.

The fare you pay in an Aberdeen taxi is set by Aberdeen City Council, which means you won’t find a ‘cheap taxi Aberdeen’ deal in the city no matter where you look. Here are the standard fares and charges for regulated taxis operating in the Aberdeen:

First 950 yards£2.40
For every additional 180.5 yards (Time Locked in Meter)£0.20
(1) For each hiring between 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays inclusive and 8am the following day (Time Locked in Meter)£1.00
(2) For each hiring between 10pm on Friday and 8am on the following Monday (Time Locked in Meter)£1.00
(3) For each hiring between 2am and 5am on Saturday and Sunday mornings (Time-Locked in Meter)£2.00
(4) For each hiring pre-booked£1.00
(5) For each hiring on the Spring, May Day, Midsummer and Autumn holidays£1.00
(6) For each hiring between 10pm on 24 December and 5am on 27 December and between 10pm on 31 December and 5am on 3 January (Time-Locked in Meter)Add 50% to basic tariff
(7) For each hiring commencing at the Airport (Airport zoned taxis only)£1.00
(8) For each hiring dropping off passengers at the inner forecourt of the Airport (Non-airport zoned taxis only)£2.00
(9) For each hiring commencing at Aberdeen Railway Station£0.50
(10) A charge per incident of fouling a taxi£50.00
(11) Where more than four passengers carriedAdd 50% to basic tariff plus surcharges (excluding surcharges 4,7, 8 and 9)

Source: www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/business-and-licensing/licences-and-permits/taxi-fares#1010 (29/09/20)

With no Uber Aberdeen operating in the city, and public transport being risky from a social distancing perspective, metered taxi travel is the most effective way to get around Aberdeen if you don’t have your own vehicle. It’s convenient, comfortable, and above all – safe! From just doing the weekly shopping to airport transfers, taxi travel in Aberdeen just makes sense.

The difference you will experience between different taxi operators will be in the customer care you receive, the level of comfort and safety of your journey, and the ease of booking.

At Aberdeen Taxis we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer care and our helpful and friendly drivers that are highly trained in making your journey the most comfortable and safest journey possible.

Aberdeen Taxis have worked tirelessly upgrading our vehicles and procedures to ensure that every journey undertaken is the safest journey possible. We have Introduced screens between driver and passenger, contactless travel/payment, and strict hygiene procedures like regular sanitisation of our vehicles, face coverings, and hand sanitiser for passengers and drivers alike.

You can book your journey with us through a variety of handy methods –

Call – 01224 200200

Book online at – www.aberdeen-taxis.com/contact

Download the Aberdeen Taxis app – Android

                                                                       Apple IOS

Drop into our office – 5 Crown Street Aberdeen AB116HU

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