Taxis are a great way to get somewhere fast. This is especially when you’re not sure how to get to a place or when you are visiting a city for the first time.

The Aberdeen Airport is among the top 3 busiest airports in Scotland so expect real heavy traffic here. Over 3 million passengers use the airport as their point of entry to the country and more than half of this population are foreign travelers who prefer hailing Aberdeen airport taxis than using other public transportation.

But as you might already know, the new golden rule when traveling to any country is to book your ride in advance. This is if you don’t want to get stuck at the airport waiting for hours to just to get a taxi.

If we are going to divide 3 million by 365 days, there are over 8200 passengers coming from the airport every day. And the Aberdeen taxi numbers isn’t always enough to serve all these people. Sadly for you, that means you’ll compete with thousands of people looking for a taxi that will take them to your hotel or home.

This is why we highly recommend for you to pre-book your Aberdeen Airport Taxi service.

Aberdeen Taxi Basics

Taxis in Aberdeen City vary in their looks. Some are very similar to those in London and Edinburgh, but many use more elegant units that are usually bought by private car owners.

The regular taxi can accommodate 4 people apart from the driver. If you’ll come in bigger numbers, you can either book 2 taxis or book a bigger Aberdeen Taxi that can take 8 people.

  • Payment:Many Aberdeen airport taxis accept payment via cash, credit cards or corporate account.
  • Tipping:Tipping is not required, but giving tips when your driver was extra helpful and the service was excellent is highly appreciated.
  • Hailing a Taxi:As in many other places in the world, simply raise your hand or wave your arm to get a taxi driver’s attention. Cabs are most easily caught on main thoroughfares and near traffic lights. Although you can usually tell whether a taxi is available or not by whether the light on top of the car is on (available) or off (unavailable).

Aberdeen Taxi types and fares

As mentioned earlier, Aberdeen taxis can occupy up to 4 people. Taxi booking companies, though, like us at Aberdeen Taxis can provide bigger units like Minibuses that can service up to 8 people.

As for the new taxi fare in Aberdeen City, the taxi start/normal tariff is £2.40 for the first 950 yards. And for every additional 180.5 yards, you’ll be charged with additional £0.20. Surcharges and waiting fees also apply. A waiting fee of £23.00 per hour will be collected and as for the surcharge, refer to the table below:

(1) For each hiring between 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays inclusive and 8am the following day (Time Locked in Meter)£1.00
(2) For each hiring between 10pm on Friday and 8am on the following Monday (Time Locked in Meter)£1.00
(3) For each hiring between 2am and 5am on Saturday and Sunday mornings (Time Locked in Meter)£2.00
(4) For each hiring pre-booked£1.00
(5) For each hiring on the Spring, May Day, Midsummer and Autumn holidays£1.00
(6) For each hiring between 10pm on 24 December and 5am on 27 December and between 10pm on 31 December and 5am on 3 January (Time Locked in Meter)Add 50% to basic tariff
(7) For each hiring commencing at the Airport (Airport zoned taxis only)£1.00
(8) For each hiring dropping off passengers at the inner forecourt of the Airport (Non-airport zoned taxis only)£2.00
(9) For each hiring commencing at Aberdeen Railway Station£0.50
(10) A charge per incident of fouling a taxi£50.00
(11) Where more than four passengers carriedAdd 50% to basic tariff plus surcharges (excluding surcharges 4,7, 8 and 9)

You have to take note that the Aberdeen Airport is 6.5 miles away from the Aberdeen City Center. On normal days, it usually takes 25 minutes to drive from the airport to the City Center and taxi fare usually costs between £18 and £20. But on peak hours, traffic causes the travel time to be longer, taking around 40 minutes to drive from the airport to the City Center and will cost between £22 and £25.

Booking an Aberdeen Airport taxi service can be a bit more affordable during the peak hours as drivers are given the best routes to take, as advised by their headquarters, to avoid the traffic.

Getting There: Giving Instructions

Giving instructions to Aberdeen taxi drivers is easy as long as you can speak English. Drivers are also highly knowledgeable with the city and surrounding areas. Aberdeen drivers will take great pride in getting you to your destination quickly, safely avoiding any unnecessary traffic delays. All you have to do is to give them the address and they will take you there hassle-free.

Aberdeen Taxis are equipped with the latest navigation tools too so if there’s some obscure place you need to get to, then we are fully armed to deal with such things in a professional manner.

Reserving Taxis in Advance

It is needless to say that the internet has radically changed our way of living standards. People just through a single click through the internet can access the information in any field from anywhere, anytime. That is why all the businessman nowadays have their business presence online.

One common application in the field of tourism is the digital booking of a taxi. In all major cities, people can now find taxis with more competitive prices than the regular cabs waiting for passengers at the airport but you will not find this kind of service in Aberdeen so again we highly recommend booking your taxi before arriving at Aberdeen airport.


  1. Choose a company that offers digital bookings.
  2. Check you can pay by card.
  3. Choose the correct size vehicle for your needs.
  4. Check reviews.
  5. Make a return booking.
  6. Last but not least, always pre-book as the taxi workforce in Aberdeen is at an all time low.

Keep all the tips in mind when you need an Aberdeen Airport transfer.

Book with us today at Aberdeen Taxis!

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