Who’s taking you home after attending a late-night Christmas party or last-minute Christmas shopping?

The Christmas season has come again and many of you probably have a couple of events to attend. Most of the time, these get-togethers would run until late midnight or even at dawn. Bringing cars during these events can be a hassle, though. It’s hard to find free space at the parking; you can’t drink and drive; nor can you nap while getting stuck in a traffic jam.

There’s just a lot of reasons why people would rather leave their cars at home and take public transport. But hailing a taxi can be a better alternative, most especially when you use a taxi booking app from a reputable taxi service provider like the Aberdeen Taxis.

Difficulties in Hailing Taxis During Christmas

During Christmas and New Year, it can be difficult to catch a cab to drive you home. Taxis are still the safest option, though, and you can still get one by simply pre-booking.

We know that most of you will argue the impromptu parties you suddenly need to attend at or the event you watched finished a bit later. So what do you do when this thing happens?

Pre-booking a taxi in Aberdeen during the festive seasons is greatly convenient. Should there be a change in the time, you will only have to call in advance to let your designated driver know that your appointment will start earlier or end later.

When you suddenly have somewhere to go and your booking won’t go through from the app, you can call the customer care directly so they can assist you in finding a driver.

This is always better than hailing just any taxi that you aren’t even sure is legit. And this can mean compromising your safety.

To help you further, we listed 10 important things to remember BEFORE you catch get in an Aberdeen Taxis before or after a Christmas night out.

8 Safety Tips for Getting a Taxi in Aberdeen

While Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year, some people would take advantage of it to gain money illegally. Commuters are the prime victim as sine many of them will go home drunk. So here are a couple of ways on how you can ensure your safety as you ride a taxi in Aberdeen this Christmas.

1. If you need a taxi home make sure that you use licensed taxis

 Commuters in Aberdeen are being urged to check their taxi before accepting a ride this Christmas – and ensure they only travel with a licensed operator.

Would you know how to spot a licensed taxi?

Taxis with a roof sign is your first clue that the ride is safe and licensed to service people. Some taxis even have license badges on both rear doors and a license plate on the rear of the vehicle. They should have a meter that is activated as the driver pulls away and a copy of the council’s tariff card must be on display.

Private hire vehicles must be pre-booked and aren’t just hailed anywhere. If they take you in without prebooking, you should be suspicious of the intention of the driver.

Also look for other indicators of being a legal taxi like a vehicle registration number, license expiry date, and the number of passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry.

2. Tell a friend or family which taxi operator you’re traveling with

Always keep a friend or family member in the know about what car you are in and who you are traveling with. Some taxi companies have a ‘buddy’ option on their app which allows you to send a text to your chosen friend who can view your vehicle and driver details and track your journey in real-time. Your nominated friend also receives a message at the end of your journey notifying them that you have arrived at your destination safely. That should put their minds at rest.

To be sure, send them your ride’s plate number too and other visible indicators that will identify your taxi ride.

3. Keep your personal details safe

If you are booking a taxi in a public place, make sure you cannot be overheard by strangers as it could give away your personal details such as your name and address. If you are in a very busy and loud environment, booking via an app is a more convenient option. No personal information will be heard or seen by others around you. It’s not hard to find one in your mobile phone’s app store.

4. Ask the taxi hire company to text you when your vehicle is on its way

Taxi firms using taxi booking apps automatically send you a text alert notifying you of the vehicle’s make, model, color, registration, and driver details as well as a message when the driver is on its way to you. Some even go so far and send you photo identification of your driver and a live URL link to track your taxi in real-time.

6. Don’t get in a cab until you’re sure it’s yours

After a night out it’s tempting to jump into your taxi as soon as it arrives. It’s best to always double-check it is your taxi. Ask the driver for the name of the passenger they are collecting and where the journey is going. If the given information is incorrect, do not get into it – no matter how tempting it may be.

7. Always sit in the back when you’re alone

When traveling alone, always sit behind the driver and keep conversations professional. Never share any personal information. Asking if they’ve ‘had a busy night’ is still allowed though.

8. Always report any problem you encounter in your ride

If you got a taxi and you were dissatisfied or you felt unsafe, do not forget to note the vehicle registration number and taxi plate number and report it to their operators. Once you have this information and your journey details, you can also report them to the city council or the police.

Reporting is easier if you pre-book with a licensed taxi hire company in Aberdeen. Some companies have a rating system where users can report how well the company and the driver did at the end of each trip. Now that is the definition of a trip advisor.

Aberdeen Taxis is among the largest provider of taxi services in Aberdeen. Our smart and professional drivers adhere to the city council guidelines and hold legit licenses.

Remember to use only legit and licensed taxis in Aberdeen this Christmas as your safety is important not just for you but to your loved ones too.

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