Experience the best of what Aberdeen can offer for the winter season and let your Aberdeen Taxis driver be your guide to the ultimate fun of a Scotland holiday trip.

Home alone at Christmas has been long obsolete because the trend today is to experience the magic the way they do it in other countries.

For most of our lives, we already spent them in our hometowns and it’s really refreshing to experience new Christmas traditions in a new place. This is why many people are saving travel funds as soon as January comes in so when it’s Christmas time again, they can fly abroad. Some others are even ticking of countries from their bucket list year after year.

While Scotland hasn’t been a popular Europe destination when it comes to celebrating Christmas, more people are already discovering the fun they can get out of their Scotland Holiday tour. And it’s a perfect timing as winter starts in Scotland in November so if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see some snowflakes falling. If not, there will definitely be a snowy mountain on the backdrop.

Aberdeen is one of the metropolitan cities you should visit in Scotland. It is world famous for its granite structures. It was even dubbed as the “Silver City by the Golden Sands.” Magnanimous, grey buildings are its signature and at night during Christmas, anyone would be amazed by its flickering lights.

But what’s more to see there? Here are some more reasons to book a flight to Aberdeen for your Christmas vacation:

  1. Unlimited winter festivities

From the Aberdeen fireworks display at the city beach and Christmas tree switch on, to the Christmas Village and reindeer parade, visiting Aberdeen in winter is a great excuse to get that warm festive spirit going. There will be more celebrations as we drew closer to Christmas so make sure to be updated. Our drivers at Aberdeen Taxis are well knowledgeable of the parties going on within the city so don’t be shy to ask as they can lead you to the festivals you shouldn’t miss in your Euro trip.

  1. Snow-topped castles

The castles in Aberdeen are striking all year round but you nothing beats the vibe of those glistening frosty grounds and snow topped roofs for that extra wow-factor. Whether you wish to visit a famous castle, a castle ruin or head off the tourist track to one of the lesser-known castles, the choice is really up to you, you can just notify your Aberdeen Taxis driver and he will gladly take you to where you want to be.

Your driver can make some suggestions too, so be ready to break your itineraries because you might want to discover a hidden jewel that only the locals are familiar with.

  1. The Christmas Village!

The Aberdeen Christmas Village has tons of fairground attractions for both the youngsters and adults. From inflatable playgrounds to carousel and bumper cars, plus adult rides and food stalls, there’s just so much to see and enjoy at the Christmas village.

  1. Skating at the Outdoor Ice Rink

Not all countries have an outdoor ice rink but thanks to countless Christmas holiday movies featuring stylish individuals gracefully gliding around Central Park, there’s now one in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen’s very own outdoor ice-rink is an impressive one.  With the grandeur of the world’s second largest granite building in the background, you can showcase some skillful shapes or skid around like a pro. Skating at Christmas is much more about enjoying the atmosphere and less about having any kind of expertise.

If you only go ice-skating once a year then it should be outdoors in the winter with a Christmas village on the backdrop too so you can really feel the spirit of the grandest holiday of the year.

  1. Christmas Market

Shopping is always a part of Christmas and a staple of travels abroad. No Christmas Village would be complete without a festive market and Aberdeen is no exception.  Christmas in the Quad takes place within the impressive courtyard of Marischal College and the cute little cabins are all home to businesses from the North East of Scotland. There’s even a small stage for local musical show to keep you entertained while bargaining for goods and souvenirs to bring home.

  1. Food and Booze

When you’re all shopped out or your legs are weary from skating, then checking out the food and drink offerings should be next on your list. Hot snacks and drinks can be picked up from some of the little wooden cabins dotted around Broad Street.  Think sweet and savory treats like pancakes and waffles with a variety of toppings or Scottish favorites like venison burgers and haggis bon bons.

Coffee shops and bars are also nearby so go ahead and try some original Scott whisky blend that will complete your unique Christmas holiday in Scotland.

Christmas is unique in different parts of the world. We may have something that will interest you and other countries will also have their own unique attraction. But if you finally decide to spend the holidays in Scotland, don’t forget to book your Aberdeen taxi service in advance to avoid the hassles of holiday traffic.


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