The world knows Scottish people as professionals, well-mannered, and humble. Although faced with many flaws, as all nations do, Scotland, most especially its big cities like Aberdeen and Inverness is among the most visited countries in the UK, only proving that it’s among the top countries that set the bar high in terms of attitude.

Hence, it shouldn’t be a surprise if Scottish taxi drivers earn the title for being “the best taxi service drivers in the world.”

Experience true professional taxi service with our Aberdeen Taxis drivers

And we’re not being stereotypical here. We’re talking facts. Not sure if that’s true? Well, keep reading, because today we’re going to show you 4 things all cabbies should learn from our Aberdeen taxi services drivers.

1. Aberdeen taxi services drivers are well-disciplined

Taxi drivers around the world need to undergo several sets of training before they begin to drive their own cab unit. However, most of them don’t always showcase proper behavior. So many taxi drivers in the US alone waste their driving skills because of their attitude. We see a lot of bad incidents on the news that involve taxi drivers harassing their passengers. As a consequence, people lose trust in cab drivers and become hesitant to ride one for public transport.

Unlike them, though, Aberdeen taxi services drivers are more disciplined. Not to mention our friendly drivers at Aberdeen Taxis. They always greet their customers as if they are royalties. Taxis in Aberdeen are spotlessly clean and the level of service we offer is exceptionally high.

All Aberdeen Taxis drivers are trained to courteously handle their passengers so they can have the best time riding a cab in Aberdeen City.

Our drivers never take advantage of their customers. First, because taxi fares in Aberdeen are calculated by the running meter. There is a set taxi fare by the city council and we always see to it that all our cabs at Aberdeen Taxis comply with the law. Furthermore, we orient our drivers thoroughly so they are fully aware of those laws.

So when you ride an Aberdeen Taxis cab, you can rest assure that you are in good hands and will never experience hassles.

2. Aberdeen taxi services drivers present themselves professionally

Taxi drivers in most countries aren’t required to wear specific uniforms except maybe for t-shirts. Often times, cabbies wear casual clothing whenever they’re out driving.

But it is important to remember that being a taxi driver is also a profession. Our drivers receive training and assessment before becoming who they are today. For this reason, taxi drivers are advised to wear something that tells their passengers that they’re being driven by a professional and are under a trusted taxi company such as Aberdeen Taxis.

With that said, take a look at the Scottish taxi drivers. They wear uniforms set by their companies where you can see the company logo. Additionally, identification cards are also there to show that they are legit. Now, wouldn’t passengers feel safer if cabbies start dressing up like Scottish taxi drivers?

3. Aberdeen taxi services drivers are well-equipped for safety

This one goes for the cab companies. Scotland taxi companies really take road safety seriously. Around 96% of corporate taxis have external cameras and 85% have internal cameras. As for us at Aberdeen Taxis, we equip all our cabs with the cameras to record automobile accidents and other safety accessories to heighten your security on the road. In addition, they help in the education and training of drivers on safety.

On top of that, taxi companies also provide traffic safety campaigns, safe driver contests, automobile transportation safety checks, and overhaul inspections during the summer and year-end.

4. Aberdeen taxi services drivers can take you on a sightseeing course

In most places, sightseeing rarely occurs in a taxi ride. In fact, some taxi drivers won’t be bothered to tell you a thing or two about their city if you’re a foreigner.

In contrast, our certified taxi drivers here in Aberdeen Taxis can take you on a sightseeing course around the city. Our driver accompanies up to four passengers around a set course of a town’s attractions and can offer explanations and answer questions on what there is to see. Additionally, also have bigger units that can seat up to 8 people. 

Aberdeen taxi services can be hired for site seeing trips in Aberdeen City and the nearby towns.

At Aberdeen Taxis, it is so easy to book us for your site seeing tours, you can use our app or call us directly for booking. We do city tours and out of town tours where our divers can lead you to the best spots to visit that may not be searchable on the internet yet. Our drivers are also knowledgeable about the festivals in the city and nearby towns so people can truly enjoy their visit to Aberdeen.

We also have transport services where our drivers can just drive you to the next town where you will be spending the next days at. They know the best routes to take so you can avoid heavy traffic and where you can treat your eyes to some scenic views as you drive to your true destination.

Therefore, if you think that these four assets of our taxi drivers are admirable enough, book with us on your next Aberdeen tour and our drivers will definitely treat you well.

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